How to Avoid Spending All Your Money at the Casino – win big at the casino

Casinos are a great place to go to enjoy the games and food and even spend the night in their suites or rooms. Many people make the casino the center point of their vacation and spend much of their time doing casino-related activities. Fortunately, many people who decide to take a casino vacation are disciplined and determine ahead of time how much money they plan to spend gambling and stick to that plan.However, some people cannot resist the temptation to continue playing a game when it seems like they’re just shy of winning and while there are organizations who can help you if you have an addiction to gambling, people who are at the tables or slots continuing to bet aren’t thinking about getting in touch with those organizations right then. The only thought that crosses their mind is about winning and winning big.There are many different games you can play at the casino but the one thing that all games have in common is that they require you to spend money. The sights and sounds that are in casinos are designed to make you want to spend your money in the hopes that you will hit the jackpot.It is important to bear in mind that the intention of the casino is not to send you home as a millionaire but to encourage you to spend money there. If you have trouble with controlling how much you spend, you want to be sure to take a limited amount of money with you when you go to the casino.Some other ways that you can avoid leaving the casino broke may not seem like much but can make a big difference when it comes to your money. Make sure you leave your credit cards at home and bring only one credit card on your trip. If possible, bring a credit card with a low limit so that even if you cannot resist the temptation to use it, you can only charge up to the limit of the card.Another way to avoid leaving the casino broke is to cash out your winnings while you are still ahead. This means, when you’ve won a few hands and are either going to break even or can leave the casino with even just a few dollars more than you arrived with, you should cash out your earnings and either take them to the safe in your room or consider depositing them to your bank account through the ATM.A third way to avoid leaving the casino broke is to go a short time before the casino closes. Even casinos that are open most of the time have to close for cleaning and other maintenance requirements. Going to the casino just a short while before such closings ensure that you will only be there a short time, thus reducing the possibility of leaving broke.If none of these ideas works for you and you are spending more than you can afford to lose, such as money set aside for bills, you should seek professional help.

Beat the Casinos – win big at the casino

Do you have what it takes to become a successful (and profitable) gambler? Read on and find out:1. A gambling systemNo matter what your game, a gambling system is being marketed to turn you into a winner. Unfortunately, 90% of them are built on empty promises and does not work.So how do you find a system that works? The easiest way is to get a personal recommendation from somebody that you trust, who has used the system with positive results. Otherwise it is a long, hard slog through all the promotional rubbish to find a system that makes sense to you. Don’t just buy the first one that you see. Do your research and find out about the creator’s reputation?A good system does not only include a gambling system, but also a bankroll system, win/loss criteria and preferably a flexible approach. I can’t stress this enough! I have seen so many people lose their money because they did not have a sufficient bankroll or their system was not flexible enough to change if they were losing.Your system needs to rely on mathematical and statistical odds to make a consistent profit. If this is the case, the laws of nature are on your side! Sure, the gambler playing on gut feel might win big, but rest assured that he would also lose big.So now you have a good system and you are raring to go and win some money. WAIT, because you might still lack what I feel is the most important element of a successful gambler. You need the right mindset…2. The right mindsetAt this point some people will stop reading and ignore the “mumbo-jumbo”. To them I say all the best of luck with your gambling and I hope you become successful. But chances are that they won’t. Sure, they might win a few hands/pots, but over the longer term, they will consistently lose.For those of you still with me, what do I mean by the right mindset?Well, for starters, don’t see yourself as a gambler. Gambling implies relying on luck to either win big or lose big. See yourself as an investor. You invest your time and money (bankroll) to make a profit.Believe in your system. This is why it is so important to use a reliable and proven system. You need to be sure that although a session might end in a loss, you will recoup the loss in the next few sessions.Let us look at an example: In your first session you make a profit of $100. In your second session you make a loss of $200. So your net loss will be $100.At this point many people quit and whinge about the system not working as it is supposed to. What they don’t realise is that the next three or four sessions might net them $400 profit. So not only do they lose a system that might make them consistent profits, but they lose $100 as well!Calculate your winnings and losses in units. Why? Well, if you play with $1 chips, then wagering two or three chips (units) is not a big deal. What about playing with $20 chips? All of a sudden you are wagering $40-$60 on a single play. Your mind tells you that you are staking a lot of money, which in turn causes you to have doubts about your system. This is where people start to play too carefully and not follow their system. End result: they lose the money. If your system worked with $1 chips, there is no reason for it not to work with $20 chips. Remember to always wager amounts supported by your bankroll.3. Casino bonusesThe last weapon in your arsenal is casino bonuses. What a great way of making money by using the casinos’ money against them! Obviously there are a lot of requirements associated with this. I mean, why would the casino give you free money? Discussing these requirements would be and article or two on its own! However, why don’t you sign up for the free e-mail course “How to make consistent profits from gambling” by clicking here – This course will show you how to use casino bonuses to make some extra cash.If you implement and developed the points mentioned above, you will already be ahead of the majority of gamblers and on well your way to beat the casinos.Best of luck (although you won’t have to rely on it!)Hein Hayman